Two focus areas for Pharma Supply chain


Supply chain is evolving as ever and businesses are collaborating more closely with supply chain leaders to create better experiences for their customers. Pharma has its unique challenges. As per the latest Chief Supply chain officer 2014 survey, there are 2 key areas where a tighter collaboration between supply chain and business owners can drive better end user experience and benefits

1. Medication Adherence: Patients failing to follow prescribed regime adds significant cost to the overall healthcare system. Some estimates put the number of non adherence to as high as 50%.The scope of Supply chain can be increased from just focusing on product manufacturing to overall disease management and hence create win win for all players in the healthcare value chain.

2. Cellular and genomic therapies: This is an upcoming area where supply chain plays a crucial role especially around transportation of processed cells. There are major supply chain issues including preventing cross contamination of cells, ensuring data integrity and other challenges. You can read more about this at ..

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