Best Time To Apply For Jobs

Let's assume that you've been looking for a job for few months and finally found a promising post from  one good company. You are putting your application together and you are eager to submit it, but you're wondering  what is the ideal time to send it and be sure that it will be immediately noticed and read by the employer.

Also, you want to know how to pick the right timing for your application so you can stand out in hundreds of other applicants.

Let me tell you something about that.

There’s no better time to start your job search like the present. I think that you should always be very active when you are looking for the job. Just make the decision to find the job of your dreams and that’s the best time to do it.

However, the career experts say that certain times (of the year, week and day)  are better  than others  to start job hunting, depending  the specific industry.

So, if you know the best and worst times of the year for hiring and interviewing it could be very beneficial for you.


Time of the year to search for the job


The beginning of the year is the great time to start searching for the job in most industries. January and February are strong months for hiring because for every company it's part of the year when new budgets start that means funding for new positions.

Also, September and October are a great time for job hunting. When we are talking about an early fall season, it's the period when the employees return from vacation and start with the hiring process.

Fall isn't as great for job searching as the early winter months, but it’s a close runner-up.

In the middle of November, hiring departments often put aside hiring and save the time, energy, and resources for the beginning of the next year. Also, last week of November is a popular period for vacations, as well as the December. So, the chance for finding the opportunity for a job interview or meeting  these days are very low. For that reason, December is by far the worst month for hunting for the job.

When we are talking about bad time for job searching, summer months (June, July, and August) are the worst because it's very hard to get hiring team together when most of the recruiters and hiring managers are on the vacation and most of the positions are  already occupied and don't hire till  the beginning of  September.

That doesn’t mean that you should not look for the job during mentioned periods. I've just wanted to tell you that it would require from you to invest more effort in order to find a job in the Summer.  Even more, maybe you can stand out from others because there is less competition during the summer months.

The best day for job hunting


You are probably wondering, does the day of the week you apply for the job can affect your chances to get the job? I know that this maybe sounds like some kind of a superstition, but there are studies from SmartRecruiters (hiring success platform) that says that the most posts, applications and hires happens from  Monday to Wednesday.  Most job "hunters" from North America  send their resumes at the beginning of the work week. Tuesday  seems like  the ideal day for hiring success — 18% of people apply for jobs on Monday, 18% on Tuesday and  17% on Wednesday.

SmartRecruiters also revealed that results I just mentioned correlate with the most popular days for posting  jobs by companies - Monday (21%), Tuesday (20%), and Wednesday (19%).  It's interesting that Tuesday is also the most popular day for making hiring decisions, with 21.5% of candidates that were hired on this day.

On the other hand, Saturdays is the worst day of the week to send your resume—only about 14% of applicants manage to move in the hiring process.

Most of the candidates apply within few days the job being posted. So, if you are serious  job seeker don't wait. It's important to have your resume ready send as soon as you find a job posting that interests you. For example, if you notice job post on Monday, you should finish your resume and send it at the latest by next day (Tuesday).

The majority of your competition apply  at the beginning of the week and have more chances to get noticed and called for the interview than those who wait until Friday or the weekend to send their resume. It's more likely that kind of candidates will be more out of sight to recruiters than those people who jumped first.


What time of day is the best for applying for the job


According to the SmartRecruiters studies, most  employers post their new job opportunities at 11 a.m. Most common time for candidates to apply for jobs is around 12:00 p.m.

So, if you want to have better chances to get the job you want you should  be faster than your competition and to apply for the job you want between 11:30-and 12:30 on Tuesdays.

And one last thing, you should schedule the interview for the morning if it's possible because most of the interviewers rate better the first candidates they speak with than those they meet later.

So try to schedule to meet with your potential employer first thing in the morning. So,  thah you have better chance to show that you are good candidate with skills that match the position you applied for because the recruiter is freash and ready to listen to you.



As you could see (if you read the whole article), there are many factors involved in job hunting. So, it's completely natural for you to want to get every nitty-gritty aspect right and get the job of your dreams.

Most of the current hiring applications are based on the same old resume screening using keywords. If you are looking for a job in procurement or supply chain, see for yourself how Hireo can help you with standing out from the crowd and present your strong skill sets in best way possible.

I hope that my advice been good and useful enough in your further job searching.

Good luck!