Hireo Procurement and Supply Chain Recruitment Services

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If the self service option is not for you, Hireo also offers Procurement recruiter services. Our unique software based approach enables us to find the quality candidates faster.

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Procurement and Supply Chain Focus

  • We are exclusively focussed on Procurement and Supply Chain departments hiring needs.
  • We have a network of practicing advisors, who not only helps with the recruitment strategy but also provide advice on the right design for your procurement organization.
  • Reduced Time to Hire

  • With the unique combination of talented recruiters and technology, we have continuously reduced the time to hire for our clients.
  • We already have a vast network of Procurement and Supply chain professionals and software automation helps us in matching your requirements with the right candidate.
  • Cost Savings

  • Reduced effort in hiring leads to lower cost for us and we pass the cost savings to our customers.
  • That’s why our fee is lower as compared to other Procurement recruiters and recruitment agencies. We are small and nimble and hence have the agility to meet your needs while keeping the cost low.
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