3 Key leadership lessons from TE’s Chief of supply chain

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In a recently published interview, Tyco electronics chief of supply chain Jim McDonald talks about the strategy,growth and how Tyco’s supply chain is supporting the growth of the company. 3 key areas strongly emerged
Involve Suppliers early: Jim talked about how business expectations from supply chain has changed over the last decade. Earlier  product management would design the product and then comes to supply chain to identify suppliers, procurement etc. However, given the pace of new product development, Supply chain planning is now involved very early in the product development process and involving your suppliers early helps to launch the product faster in the market. it is critical to involve suppliers early in areas like logistics network design.
Build great relationship with suppliers:  Jim shared his thoughts on his company’s technology Roadmap and how it is shifting focus on need to have strong relationship with suppliers. Given that Tyco is not totally vertically integrated, there is great dependency on supplier, especially suppliers who specialize in resins,metal alloys, electronic components. Having strong relationship with these suppliers help with early involvement of suppliers right from the product development process.
Focus on Information sharing: Given the global footprint of Tyco, it is very critical to provide timely information/data to it supplier so that there is no disruption in supply. Tyco has a very strong focus on enabling supplier information exchange through a supplier portal, especially around areas like long term and short term forecast
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