8 Technology Trends in Supply Chain

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Deloitte and MHI recently published the 2015 annual report titled “Supply chain innovation - Making the impossible possible”.

There are lot of factors which are raising new challenges for Supply chain and hence need for better technology and automation to address those challenges. Some of the issues are


The technologies which will drive next generation supply chains are as follows

  1. Inventory and network optimization tools
  2. Sensors and automatic identification
  3. Cloud computing and storage
  4. Robotics and automation
  5. Predictive analytics
  6. Wearable and mobile technology
  7. 3D printing
  8. Driverless vehicles and drones

Inventory and network optimization tools

Sensors and automatic identification

Cloud computing and storage

Robotics and automation

Predictive analytics

Wearable and mobile technology

3D printing

Driverless vehicles and drones

You can download the full report at


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