What is Future of Supply Chain?

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As per Steve Melynk, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University, it is Culture. Melynk has done extensive research in the area of supply chain management and co-authored 17 books.

Some Key points on why culture is the future of supply chain 

Culture and Strategy goes hand in hand:As they say “culture eats strategy”, on the other hand a strong culture drives strategy from top management initiative into one that’s actually acceptable by the system as a whole.

Companies often ignore culture because many organizations think of culture as negative. Instead, companies should treat culture as a force for increasing the competitiveness in the market place.

Supply chain managers should  care about this. In today’s environment, where resources are shrinking, competition is high, and lead times are shrinking, companies can’t afford to ignore this. They no longer have the slack to overlook the value of having a good culture. When you think about Apple, Google, and Unilever, these companies are focused not only on systems or information, but also on culture.

Companies who are culture focused see obvious benefits. They get an organization that’s in true harmony, better customer service and experiences, and decisions that are made by people who know and understand the overall goals of their organization.

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