Three Keys To Building Procurement Influence

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User adoption is a key metric used by software providers to measure the success of a product. Similarly stakeholders adoption is key to procurement success and a catalyst for enhancing procurement influence in the organization. 

So how do you make sure that your internal stakeholders see Procurement as value add and not a roadblock. Here are  three tips

1. Educate your stakeholders

So you have a strategic sourcing process, what does it mean for your stakeholders? Does it mean better product, better quality, better price. Take time in explaining how a strategic sourcing process helps in better vendor selection through objective evaluation of vendor capabilities. Once they understand the process and value it brings, it is highly likely they that will proactively involve Procurement for their future purchases.

2. Work with your stakeholders

Lot of times stakeholders have very specific requirements, whether that  is functional specifications or a specific vendor they have in mind. Take time to understand the “Why” behind it. 
Once you understand the requirement, your RFP/RFI will be more effective and structured.

3. Promote Procurement Achievements

 When it comes to reporting savings, don’t just limit it to CFO / Finance department. Use any available opportunity to communicate the savings to your stakeholders. Your CFO might not appreciate cost avoidance, but your stakeholders will greatly appreciate you convincing a vendor not to increase cost in the middle of a budget  year!.

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